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Love the Bible, rubbish Christ

It is extremely difficult for Christians from different backgrounds and denominations to not see The Bible as anything other than The Word of God. A historical process of affirmation and repetition of it’s canonical status by scholars, priests and theologians

Israel and its ugly God

And Christians worldwide identify themselves spiritually, religiously and ideologically with the God that Israelis refer to when they are chanting an anti-Palestinian rhetoric. This is the power of Judeo-Christian unity that Abby did not mention. It is a power that

Criminalisation of All Military Establishments

The idea of training fellow human beings to treat other human beings in this way on our behalf is a totally repugnant one and needs to be critically examined in the light of all the numerous wars that have caused

Explanation for ChristVersusBible

The reason for this website is bound up in the two words ‘Christ’ and ‘Bible’. These two words are metaphors for two realities, the individual and society. And the conflicts that arise between the two. In the 1960’s the actor

Why do I focus on Christ?

The purpose of Jesus Christ appearing on the scene when he did was to clarify a universal awareness of the illusion of time. He came to move human consciousness away from focusing narrowly on the physical dimension of life (materialism)

Why the name for this website?

The reason for this website is bound up in the two words ‘Christ’ and ‘Bible’. These two words are metaphors for two realities, i.e.the individual and society respectively, and for the conflicts that arise between them. In the 1960’s the

The Corporation

The Corporation has been in existence for centuries but since the Industrial Revolution it has become a dominant force in geo-politics, creating a new aristocracy of wealth owners. This award winning documentary gives an insight into the nature, evolution and

The Iron Triangle

Economic expansion, weapons manufacturing, government foreign policy and war planning are essential elements in nation building which connect professionals together. So, you will find highly motivated chairmen, chief executives, stockholders, bankers and lawyers working together in weapons related industries who

The Bible teacher versus The Teacher

Here we have another fine example of the curse of the Old Testament upon the living Christ. A Baptist minister uses unreliable ideas about God’s nature found in the Old Testament as if it were a canon written in stone.

Who Killed Jesus?

Who killed Jesus? Comment on this article in the Huffington Post Mel Gibson’s film The Passion of The Christ strongly hints the answer is ‘yes, it was the Jews’ and it would seem many apologists for a less anti-Semitic interpretation