The Bible teacher versus The Teacher

Here we have another fine example of the curse of the Old Testament upon the living Christ. A Baptist minister uses unreliable ideas about God’s nature found in the Old Testament as if it were a canon written in stone. The upshot is that the life and teachings of Christ is nullified by teachings coming to us through the words and lives of people who had never seen the Father.
Read this article carefully and you will become aware of a distinct and familiar ploy, used by most preachers and ‘teachers’ of the ‘Word’, to impress upon the unsuspecting Christian that God is adequately and properly represented by the Jewish historical narrative.
It is sadly the case that the opposite is true. The work of Christ was to not only revise the historical portrayal of God but turn it upside down. Its graven images and ideas, based on imaginations not enlightened by Christ, were mental projections of God emanating from a sinful nature not reformed by animal sacrifice.
The Bible becomes an abomination in the holy place of God’s testimony about himself in Jesus Christ when it is used to clarify in people’s minds a spiritual union between themselves and God based on Judgement and Destruction.

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