Israel and its ugly God

And Christians worldwide identify themselves spiritually, religiously and ideologically with the God that Israelis refer to when they are chanting an anti-Palestinian rhetoric.
This is the power of Judeo-Christian unity that Abby did not mention.
It is a power that is first and foremost POLITICAL involving a military PACT that is formidable and yet illegal and immoral under international law.

And the Palestinians? They are the people that Jesus would reach out to.
But how can Jesus reach out to them when he is suffocated by The Bible that endorses an image of God held by the Jews since time immemorial that inspired them to crucify him!!!
The creation of the Bible is perhaps one of the greatest achievements of the Deceiver. The one who deceived the Jews about the real nature of God, who now has Christians eating his flesh. Who commune with him every time they worship The Bible.
Eating words is eating flesh. This will only be understood by Christians who really know how to interpret Jesus talking about eating his flesh.