Christ v Bible/State Part 2

Part 2 of 8

An interpretation by scholars of the way Jesus used very small portions of the OT, in particular when he stated that not one dot of the law shall be removed, has produced the idea in some people’s minds that his reference to the law can be extended as a reference to the whole narrative about the application of the law. Such an interpretation inflates the power and scope of the OT as a divinely endorsed document, elevating it from existing as a small portion to exisitng as a whole portion in one stroke. The received idea about the Holiness of the Jewish Narrative has become a regime of interpretation handed down through the ages by generations of thinkers who have accepted it as truth without really understanding the status of Jesus’ Own Scripture. The idea that Jesus condoned and endorsed the OT in its entirety could not be further from the truth. The use of canonical law that presents the Bible and Jesus as mutually compatible is scandalous and dishonest.

It is very likely the world would have developed in an entirely different direction if the eternal status of Jesus’ life and words had not have been compromised by ignorant men who retrofitted his life to a narrative that had little grasp of the eternal true nature and character of God.

Part 2 attempts to show the close relationship between ignorance and fear. How ignorance about the true nature of God found in the OT becomes an instrument of fear and destruction used by Secular Authorities who use God’s characterisation, based on a canon containing atrocious lies, to authenticate as divine institutionalised murder and mayhem.

A canon containing lies about God confounds the truth that Jesus suffered for.