Christ v Bible/State Part 4

Part 4 of 8

Starting with clips from the over exposed Hitler period this section touches on the connection between globalisation of lies about God and the globalisation of tyranny. Order out of chaos does not automatically mean society is going to be developed around the principle of democracy and the rule of law based on the sovereignty of the public will and conscience. On the contrary, the new world order is about protection of unimaginable wealth and property in the hands of a relatively small group of people operating in a sector of the global economy that, according to David Korten in his book When Corporations Rule the World, ‘has acquired such political power as to virtually preclude its own reform’.

‘Speculators who are shuffling hundreds of billions of dollars around the world decide that the policies of a government give preference to “special interests” – by which they mean environmentalists, working people, or the poor – over the interests of financial speculators, they take their money elsewhere, creating economic havoc in the process.’
Greedy industrialists require coercion of politicians and the raw power of the Army, Navy and Air force on an international scale to protect their sprawling economic empires, which always leads to localised tyranny and destruction of the poor, the weak and the defenceless. The less able among us, who have been out paced and out done by the military industrial complex behind the Anglo American Empire, comprise a social cost they are unwilling to bear. As fortunes gather dust in the ghetto banking system run by the ‘Stratos’ society, the society of the soldier/industrialist elite, in the form of wank art collections and treasures, or over rated bric a brac and nostalgia, so do the hawks gather in Government war cabinets to seek out their next prey. Soldier/industrialist coerces his pet dog the politician.
Human nature is predictable. Tyranny follows tyranny because education taunts there’s no hope beyond the grave. The greater the nihilistic thought, the more extreme people’s expectations become, until collectively as a nation they disconnect from those they see as obstacles to their ‘success’ and too often in the name of God solve their materialistic needs by annihilating their fellow beings. The theory of evolution has compounded the human predicament of this spiritual ignorance by introducing a further nihilistic thought – that humans are just animals with no pedigree in the past and none in the future.

Part 4 of 8
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