War is made for questionable reasons

War correspondents, journalists and editors, who are conscious of the way news is manufactured by people operating the machinery of Government spin, discuss here an aspect of war making that is not discussed openly in the main media. Namely, the aspect of misinformation, false reporting and State propaganda.

Wars are created by a group of people reacting to an event. In the case of the current wars currently being waged, the group of people behind the expanding theatres of war in Africa and the Middle East cannot be clearly identified. Certainly, the American and British people are identified by the media as being behind the wars but technically this is a profoundly disturbiing lie. Theoretically at least, some of the citizens may be identified as supporting the wars, but without an audit, without a show of hands, the actual numbers remain a myth. Unknown characters who created the response to events are using the science of theoretical numbers, an artistic computation of data sets from straw polls, to argue that a consensus view exists and that as such it gives them authority to proceed without further public consultation. The sovereign will of the people they ‘represent’ is pushed aside by clever manipulation of small amounts of data that ‘prove’ public support.

So, here we have a hidden war cabinet making decisions on behalf of an unidentifiable public that is causing genocide across two continents. If that wasn’t insane enough for you, the icing on the cake of insanity has to be the sanitised war narrative pumped out in various forms every week by a self-serving media who worked closely with the military to whip up public fear about being over-run by terrorism.

Contrived news precedes war like birds fly low before a storm. In the years following 2001 the air has been filled with the smell of a State run programme of genocide.

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