Christ v Bible / State Intro

The introduction touches on the language of beautification that crops up in the way the human race tries to make meaning out of mass destruction. War is both beautiful and ugly to soldier and victim but both are civilians, the uniforms they wear is part of the sophistry of beautification.

They use a language that meaningfully holds as true both pre-emptive and retributive behaviour respectively, which they teach as heroism in their schools to innocent children who pass it on to their children and so on.

The narrative has a life of its own, like conspiracy theory, that takes possession of the carrier person it occupies altering the character of his/her identity along the way. Emotive words embedded in the narrative inject into innocent minds, unfamiliar with the nomenclature of conflict, a string of nice sounding imperatives like a mind altering drug that enables them with confidence to use nice words for demolishing the skull of another animal with the jaw bone of a victim.
New technologies develop new languages to obfuscate their frightening potential to do more harm than good, which are neither new nor progressive.

The relationship between the Old Testament Historical Narrative/Traditional Thinking and the Testimony of Christ is a great deal more than between just old and new ways of thinking. The relationship is a dialogue between the image that man has projected on God and the image that God has projected on man respectively. The consequence of canonising the two as having equal status to teach that war is divine is to guarantee distortions of identity of self and of God, and to negate consciousness of eternity – essential to the development of non-competitive social and economic systems that otherwise suffocate in war economies.

The Rest of the videos 2-8
The rest of the videos talk about ignorance, fear and death as stages of spiritual regression spawned by the Old Testament.
Tony Benn touched on this topic of political control used by rigid ideological systems in an interview with Michael Moore for his excellent documentary ‘Sicko’, in which he spoke of ignorance, fear and death as devices used by Government to keep populations subservient to the idea that only people with big egos, big wallets and big guns, should be rewarded (and those with no strong egotistical impulses to dominate and control labour should be classified as ‘a drain on society’)
Old Testament ideas about ‘possessing the land’ is symptomatic of a spiritual condition that negates consciousness of eternal values to do with sharing the Earth and all its resources equally without borders.

Our new type of physical world is obsessed with a new kind of materialism but this has not come about without the influence of an old type of spiritual world obsessed with ‘possessing things’. The possession of land by the few who think they own it in perpetuity is greatest curse on social development.
Jesus possessed nothing but his words of liberation and freedom, that set him free from the curse of death that comes to those who think they can possess God’s creation