Christ v Bible / State Part 7

Part 7 of 8

You’ve heard of the phrase ‘in the fullness of time’ and you might be aware of its apocalyptic connotation. There is a subtext or alternative meaning behind many sayings but this one alludes to the culmination of a human struggle leading to epic moments like an ‘end of an age’. The printing press marked the ‘end of an age’. The end of the age of clericalism. The invention of gunpowder introduced another age which has yet to end.
Whatever your viewpoint, the idea of eternity is irrepressible, too large a canvas to be angrily filled with the brushwork of esoteric computations based on the maths of probability. Eternity is imprinted on our consciousness, leading scientists to explore new time and space hypotheses. However, while we contemplate and muse on the big theories, the full light of words spoken by a man who claimed to have come from eternity, penetrates minds under Darkest Tyrannies ruling within and without.
Whether the man who spoke these words was actually called Jesus Christ, or whether the narrative was put together by a bunch of whimsical mystics who created a fictitious character to make a good story for tourism, or by Messianic Jews wanting to bring about a fulfilment of prophecies they believed would give them a King greater than David who would restore all their fortunes and power. Whether just a fable full of pleasant morals, or whether first hand reports corrupted by meddling scribes and political revisionists, or as primary source material of historical fact, the choice of authenticity doesn’t diminish the power these words have upon the intellect and the senses. The more you read them the greater the feeling you’re in the presence of someone who is not kidding you about his identity as God, as both fulfilment of, and prototype for, human identity in God, and as a full and complete picture of what constitutes ‘self’ in eternity.
Words are more important than you think, especially words that talk about you from eternity. The world as we know it is a construction made entirely out of words.
“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”, Jesus.

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