Why do I focus on Christ?

The purpose of Jesus Christ appearing on the scene when he did was to clarify a universal awareness of the illusion of time. He came to move human consciousness away from focusing narrowly on the physical dimension of life (materialism) toward a spiritual dimension (eternalism) demonstrating with words and deeds that the old ways of thinking about life and death had gone well past their sell by date and if continued would suck each generation deeper and deeper into a vortex of conflict and war. ‘You will hear of wars and rumour of wars..etc. then the end will come.’

The world has largely rejected his clarification of eternity, including a very large section of the Christian community, which has had a dilatorius effect on human development by slowing down thought processes that are life-affirming and speeding up the industry of material expansion that is now only sustainable by planned democide and the culling of people statistically shown as an economic liability on the military radar managed by thugs of the New World Order. Ye olde materialistic philosophy used by ancient warriors who argued they owned the ground they conquered, and the people who lived on it, has formed the foundations of today’s warring nations. Setting precedents for generations to come, warrior families across Europe followed in the footsteps of prototype psychopaths in the Old Testament, slashed their way to power in endless feuds over land, expanded their borders, and eventually set up a social class structure around the idea that conquerors have divine authority to rule the Earth, crown themselves as Dukes, Princes, Kings and Emperors, and subject land dwellers to a gruelling and pointless existence based on debt and slavery. The making of royal blood lines in Europe is a social and military history with roots in the old way of thinking that Christ showed as NAF 2000 years ago. They are a class of people embedded in the institutions of State today that manage estates gained by crushing the bones of land dwellers and who act as functionaries in a Constitutional Monarchy constituted not by the people for the people but by privileged families for privileged families.

The common phrase echoed throughout academic establishments rooted in a purely materialistic discourse of dialectical materialism is ‘knowledge is power’ which succinctly summarizes the relationship between the egocentric dimension of power and its various autocratic political forms. For instance, an implication of teaching people to believe that all matter exists without a purpose other than what we make from it in the bubble of finite time allotted to us (the law of thelema) is the totally insane paradigm (that arises ad infinitum out of it) of the collective ego of one group of inhabitants on the Earth believing it to be morally right to support its governments in murdering large numbers of innocent people belonging to another group of inhabitants on Earth, done in the context of each side believing in EXACTLY the same moral right. The coming of Christ was meant to put a stop to this inveterate pathological cycle of violence but the human psyche, combined with its cognitive skill of zero-sum maths knows no bounds when it comes to the formulation of arguments that ironically fulfil his prophecy..

Somewhere in the logic of political theory the ownership of land and the shedding of blood are mutually inclusive in the art of nation building. Hitler called it ‘Blut and Boden’ which he took to the farming community and their land owners and which later became a just cause for the expansion of German lands.

The reason for this conundrum of murdering for justice or a just cause, like many other conundrums and contradictions in human activity, is bound up in the fundamental premise taught by academics across campuses all over the world that a finite physical world is the only real world. It is a premise that has its origins in a self-centred universe, articulated through sophisticated forms of idolatry and self-worship, custom built for tyranny and war.

The reason why Jesus came when he did is not about timing. It’s about an introduction to the reality of eternity as a physical dimension, involving physical properties of space, the flipping of time, seeing the dead as not very dead at all, but as living.

When referring to God’s relationship with the dead, i.e. past figures in the Bible, he said ‘He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.’.

You are alive to God in both life and death.