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3.It’s the belief that is a lie

Truth versus Lies 3 looks at the choice set before you by your educationalists. It’s necessary to tackle this lie before I interest you in others. The choice is to do with your identity, which is what you protect with

1 The news war industry

The news industry & the purification of militarism & war One of the biggest influences on the way the media outlets shape news is the power of the people behind the money that keeps them afloat. Like any other commercial

2.Militarism based on a lie?

Militarism is a disease that needs a doctor. The media is a carrier of this disease.

4. How banks make money

Why is it that millions of working people are forced to live below socially acceptable living standards while other working people dealing in non-productive money and stocks in financial markets enjoy excessive life styles? The truth of the matter is

Truth blackout, propaganda, lies

What is meant by the term ‘mainstream media’ is understood in different ways depending on whether you are inside or outside of ‘mainstream’. The flow of news through ‘news wires’ that are maintained by a group of people and organisations

Resource Links

List of links to other websites produced by people who have expressed similar beliefs about the criminality of war. W E B S I T E S The War Resisters The United States’ oldest secular pacifist organization, the War Resisters

These are the heroes

17th Sept 2010 Private Bradley Manning decided to blow the whistle on one heinous crime (probably among thousands) committed by US Apache Helicopter Crews roaming the skies in Iraq to ‘blow away’ terrorists. The recorded conversations between command centre and

Pope and Circumstance

17th September 2010 Bringing another take on Hitler. The regime that the German public supported in the 1930’s raised their hopes and aspirations for their place in a new prosperous and powerful nation. The social contract between citizen and State

Unbelievable foreign policy

With ex prime minster Tony Blair revealing he cried for the suffering of soldiers and citizens in Iraq and US ‘Defence’ Secretary Robert Gates speaking of a strategic military breakthrough in Afghanistan to get the alliance out of an embarrassing

Iraq war veteran kills family, then himself.

A 23-year-old veteran of the Iraq war shot and killed his pregnant wife, their 13-month-old daughter and three dogs before turning the gun on himself, authorities said Thursday. Police in Superior, Wis., said Thursday that they do not know why