Eternity Now

If everyone believed they had eternal life there would be no need for any military establishment, armaments manufacturing, weapons of mass destruction, scientific research into new, more harmful weapons. No need for the maintenance of an educational and economic system dependent on a war narrative that is broadcasted daily by mainstream ‘public’ media companies using ‘nuance programming techniques’. It would not be necessary to make meaning out of war – war journalist Chris Hedges The historical narrative of cultural identity provides dutiful practitioners of continuity a sense of collective identity and security that is only meaningful in troughs of human blood and entrails.

A conscripted military force has its roots in a time when fighting men were recruited privately to defend the treasures of wealthy clans or families and protect their slaves. The idea soldiers fought in a public army for the common good of a territory collectively owned by its inhabitants didn’t take shape until Nation States started forming in the late Middle Ages. Until then the soldier had always fought for private armies belonging to individual War Lords as in Afghanistan today. The modern army is a new phenomenon that saw its growth and development as a public service during the epoch of the industrial revolution. However, it is not clear how public it really is. Hindrances to the progress of the public enquiry into the Iraq War has demonstrated the possible presence of private interests at cabinet level in the handling of military intelligence and war planning, which begs the question as to how much of the military establishment is under the yoke of a public government.

The propping of war economies, of maintaining armies ostensibly for the purpose of protecting public interests, of repeating emotive war narratives to manipulate the living memories of war victims, constitutes a collective denial of a loving Creator. A Creator who created for the purposes of propagating life, not for expanding and propagating destruction. With eyes widely shut all the fanatical servants of this Hegelian claptrap about the supremacy of the super ego over nature (id) simply deny the gift of eternity and throw away the key to understanding the multi-dimensional physics of the universe.

Listen carefully to what Jesus says about eternity now.

“I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he/she has crossed over from death to life.” Jn5:24

Not ‘will have eternal life’ but ‘HAS eternal life’ The translation and interpretation of the original Aramaic, like all history, comes to us through the medium of human agency but here we have the heart of God making an appeal to his own creation. ‘Trust me and HAVE eternal life. No need to murder each other’

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