War and Identity

Jesus Christ is the only person in time and space who provides a solution to human identity. Every other avenue of search for identity leads to despair at best and human conflict at worst.

Praying to demons

Drinking Old Testament Blood

For, in the possession of things that provide status and identity, there is the worm of decay always at work which, upon reflection of a life’s work and achievement, eats away at the last vestiges of identity. Sartre found this to be the unworking of his certainty in the evening of his philosophy – (which he tried to deny)

War, that is, the defence of vast possessions of land held by the elite few who use national armies to fight for the security of their filthy inherited lucre, is predestined to run as an eschatological theatre in perpetuity – in hell. Because the seeking of identity through the possession of material things is a void that becomes like a black hole sucking in the light, but never extinguishing the truth that God owns EVERYTHING.

By the time mankind has finished its whirlwind tour around the theme park of sensational and hedonistic science, it will have expended even the air it so stupifyingly took for granted without a single note of gratitiude toward the One who gave it. When the pitiful Tryffid Light Show has finished, when ‘the leaves on the trees are no longer green’ and the science of consumption and greed has intoxicated even the chemistry of the air, when the big spectacle of humanism’s greatness and glory, the military industrial complex, has destroyed half the inhabitants of the planet, then will you ask Jesus to save you?

This picture of involving God in war has been around for thousands of years. It has become iconic, almost universal. But the image refers to a deity that has no connection whatsoever with the Creator who gave birth to Jesus Christ, and nothing therefore to do with the will and purpose of a Creative God who does NOT guide the mind of man to be a Destroyer of his own flesh and bone.

Linking God with war is a cop out. I explore this in the context of human identity on You Tube at http://www.youtube.com/share?p=3613E63CE61C2F77

Download a booklet that discusses blasphemy in the context of the spiritual relationship between the Old Testament war narrative, the positivism of the modern State and crisis of identity.

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