Christ v Bible/State Part 1

Part 1 of 8

There is a huge spiritual chasm between the concept of the Bible as the Word of God and the concept of Jesus Christ as the Word ‘who’ became flesh and dwelt among us. The chasm is bridged by faith in Christ alone as a single figure in eternity who is always the only reliable image/portrayal of the ‘spiritual’ nature and character of both God and man.

This video section highlights the ignorance of early church writers who had little grasp of Christ as the sole agency for giving us a true account of the image of God. Their minds were saturated by the Old Testament which blinded them from seeing the transformation of human consciousness/spirituality that was possible regardless of polarised and fixated cultural practice and cultural identity.

The consequence of their ignorant view of God being used as the basis for a constructed theology is a church not only divided within itself but, in collusion with the unbelieving State, a church that today is still using stories of genocide in the Bible as its justification for murdering innocent citizens as a resolution to the survival of the rich elite.

The culture of human supremacy over other humans, cultivated by a Machiavellian centralisation of raw physical power at the heart of undemocratic political decision making of a nation, is exhibited as ‘holy’ in the Bible.

The Bible, in the context of having been used throughout the ages as a divine pretext for Holy Wars, is totally and utterly demonic. A book that contains illustrations of men and women committing acts of murder has nothing at all to do with the Word ‘who’ became flesh and dwelt among us.