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Sin comes in various shapes and forms that are institutionalised

On this page you will find a collection of material that might
1: deepen your understanding of the world of corruption and conspiracy and
2: ignite a thirst for the truth.

Not all topics are discussed openly in the media.

Jesus said, ‘The truth will set you free’. But since ‘truth’ is not something the Government is good at, you can’t rely on the Govermment for being an agent to set you free from ignorance. Only Jesus can do that. His living testimony against the world of power and corruption is spot on.

Cure for Cancer Opposed by the State
A remarkable story of the tenacity of one professional in his 30 yr battle against an American Establishment to win the right to continue curing cancer patients.

The Future of Food
A dark agenda behind the growth in GM crops and the practice of patenting seeds

The Money Masters
Although this presentation is primarily about the assent of the dollar as the world dominant currency Bill Still and Patrick Carmack explain in good detail the social and moral difference between two banking systems in relation to a nation’s debt and the control of the money supply. They show what is at stake in the long running battle between a public and private system of banking.
This video will give you a clue how capitalists manipulate the flow of money in order to keep populations chained to them in debt.

The profit of War

The Corporation owes its global existence primarily to the industry of war and war profiteering and secondarily to the chameleon role play of its CEOs who in one moment are public employees extracting superfluous fees from the public purse and in another are employers of exploited labour.
A new industrial aristocracy has evolved from the industrial revolution retaining the old aristocratic features of exploitation, excess and crude arrogance.

Masters of the Universe
The public perception of war and terrorism is manipulated by a Public Relations cabal. Privately run PR companies provide Governments with a global news network service that not only helps with the compilation of public information but ensures synchronicity of lies and spin around the globe.
The 45 minute threat of (nuclear) attack from Iraq was one of the phoney pretexts for war used by Governments to trick the public into supporting militarism. Members of the public feel they have been betrayed by the publication of false information by a compliant media but they also know they can do nothing about it. An autocratic style of Government is here to stay and, along with it, the perpetration of tyranny and unjust wars.

911 visible evidence
Perhaps the most annoying aspect of mainstream news coverage is the silence on the growing question of Government culpability and conspiracy over the events of 911 and the pretext for the Iraq War
The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth present a cogent argument for the FACT that the towers fell due to some form of demolition rather than to fire and structural collapse.
The evidence is overwhelming yet the BBC and the American US equivalent have remained reticently mute on the subject of demolition.

911 visible evidence II
Former Professor of Mechanical Engineering Dr Judy Wood has studied the visual anomalies everyone can see in the 911 video footages. The way the enormous towers seemed to disintegrate at free fall speed, leaving no trace of their mass at the bottom. She has noticed other signs and indicators of the existence of exotic science at work in the demolition of the towers.
This interview is worth listening to. Her theory fits the images better than any other theory.
The truth will come out soon enough.

PNAC – US plan for domination
The Project for the New American Century is the product of America’s latest thinking on the role of US military might well into the 21st century. Produced by the US Government it typifies the personality and philosophy of atheism – militarism.
It is a scary document fixated on grand military schemes to extend US borders beyond their shore line into big geopolitical spheres. It is a blue print for what F W Engdahl described as Full Spectrum Dominance.
There is evidence for runaway militarism and psychopathic killing in this video that is chillingly evocative of Coppola..

IBM & the Military Industrial Complex
This video is about the tight relationship between technology and political systems of control. Edwin Black reveals the sinister underbelly of industrial activity during the rise of Hitler.
Industrial and technical services are sold to Hitler for big profit regardless of their ethical application. Profit over rides conscience.
The IBM punch card system, sold to Hitler’s cabinet, enabled the Third Reich to identify, classify and track individuals deemed genetically or racially inferior.
It is a major story about the criminal dimension of the military industrial complex that for years has been swept under the carpet.

War Profiteering
Economic expansion, weapons manufacturing, government foreign policy and war planning are essential elements in nation building which connect professionals together.
So, you will find highly motivated chairmen, chief executives, stockholders, bankers and lawyers working together in weapons related industries who will float between posts in Government and Industry as if in one homogeneous organisation.
This video will give you a glimpse of the Military Industrial Complex that Dwight Eisenhower made oblique references to back in 1954.

We live in a world dominated by secret societies that operate beyond the radar of public consciousness which connect with each other through their involvement in the upper echelons of education, military and industry.
Democracy is a word that conjures up openness and fairness but there is a type of classified system of information that always enables a minority of people to colonise the majority and to share autocratic political power only among themselves.
Their secret modus operandi is protected by laws they create which keep hidden the firewall behind which the machinery of State preserves the culture of elitism that keeps the mass valued as almost worth less comparatively speaking.

We live in a period of history in which rapid technological discovery has produced fewer, more tightly knit, enclaves of political power acquiring greater spectrums of dominance in economic and military domains. Relentlessly, the darker side of the scientific process, inspires power hungry groups to research even more destructive ways to assert their advantage over others. These types are the sociopathological product of an educational system run by zealots of humanism, the humancentric ideology obsessed with the raw physical power of material expansion.

In his book ‘When Corporations Rule the World’ David Korten describes the process as a consolidation of power by people gravitating towards upper stratas of society where the application of esoteric knowledge is paramount to their domination as a new geo-political aristocracy.

The reality of conspiracy and intrigue behind major historical events is often played down. On this website, you will find information pertinent to the unreported world of shadowy figures operating against the public interest, which the mainstream news service fail to report on. The mainstream media is an intrinsic part of transnational operations owned and run by corporations that have a past deeply rooted in stratas of society we euphemistically call ‘upper’ or ‘aristocratic’.

In the free world, those who possess extraordinary financial power are free to use their wealth for whatever purposes they choose. Their choice is always a political one that affects us all, especially when the supply of money between privately owned banking syndicates and public enterprises is presided over in undocumented meetings between officals behind closed doors beyond parliamentary scrutiny. Information is sometimes kept hidden for the sake of national security but in this case ‘national’ could mean ‘banking syndicate’. The power of information in the media is equivalent to the power of mass hypnosis, of brainwashing people into thinking in a certain way. The owners of this industry are well aware of their power over public consent and consciousness. Conspiracy theory is a bi-product of the operation of untethered secret societies within Governments.

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