OT rhetoric in Christendom

17th September 2010
An article written by Robert Koehler on AntiWar.com’s website also touches on the very real problem concerning the extremely worrying rhetoric of US military leaders claiming to be Christian Warriors. The language they use is not dissimilar from the language of radical jihad Islamic fundamentalists. The reason for parity in the type of language is due entirely to both religions relying too fanatically on Old Testament stereotypes, which can be found canonised in their books, the Bible and the Koran.
The real reason for war in the Middle East is nothing to do with ‘our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name..’ helping us to fight terrorism but much to do with godfathers of corporate crime as Robert succinctly reminds us ‘This war of oil and empire presses on in its inevitability, having long ago transcended the original lies that birthed it.’

Can’t troops see from history that war changes nothing? The Russian soldiers died for nothing. The British a century before died for nothing. Can they not see that Afghanistan will return to its tribal roots when the popcorn democracy no longer has foreign troops to prop it up which will usher in another Taliban offensive?

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