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John Pilger’s tenacity has paid off. After years of sticking to the principle of independent journalism, of not kowtowing to the culture of disinformation that pervades the press corps run by Government and Media spin doctors, John has attracted the attention of conscientious insiders prepared to spill the beans. The War You Don’t See shows that tenacity works.

You can watch the film on ITV Player website here

The truth is now as clear as the unreported events surrounding the 9/11 incident. You have been lied to by those whom you trust to govern you and Her Majesty ought to be ashamed. However, it is incumbent upon any journalist to mention the other side of the coin vis a vis the activities of diplomats. It is probable that for ‘national security’ reasons the deceit was necessary to prevent disclosure of British Military Intelligence covert operations, which would have jeopardised the security, for example, of energy supplies to the UK for the foreseeable future. (For a glimpse of diplomatic intrigue and national intelligence read Deception by Adrian Levy & Catherine Scott-Clark)

Furthermore, ‘national security’ does not necessarily mean ‘for the benefit of the common man’. The security of specific economic stakeholders and major shareholders in Industry & Commerce plays a key role in closed door policy making that is not always conducive to public good. War has always been concocted by a secret cabal of power brokers fighting over their enormous assets, land and capital, that they rent out or lend to the masses who for ages have used it to try and develop an economic order that eliminates the ungodly and unjust use of impoverishment and enslavement as their money making tool. The public have made little progress in this war on poverty because a hidden war is being waged on the public by the rich who don’t want to let go of ill-gotten gains made by their ancestors. (For poverty and elitism read New Rulers of the World by John Pilger, Globalisation of Poverty by Chossudovsky)

Whilst major capitalist foundations, mostly dynastic, hide behind the Official Secrets Act that protects their activities from being scrutinized by the public, the idea of creating the social idyll always remains elusive, stretched out as one tediously long academic exercise like chewing gum.
What John Pilger has done throughout his career in TV journalism, I believe, is to gradually penetrate the heart of a political hinterland rife with shady diplomacy averse to common good, a ghostly Machiavellian State within a State, that we know exists like a Matrix. In this film he has pulled off a tour de force in investigative journalism that might not cause something as profound as the repentance of those who protest the Government’s truthfulness but may certainly breathe new life into the world-wide grass roots movement against archaic political systems.

Evidence of a Masonic type of secret power, necessarily for its own survival, can never be fully made known otherwise the entire edifice of authority and power will crumble very quickly. However, political intrigue and disinformation has never forced Mr Pilger to join the ranks of has been journalists who have prostituted themselves to the culture of deceit and propaganda in which the currency of exchange is a comfortable life as a PR hack for silence.

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